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Pet Fur Knot Cutter

Pet Fur Knot Cutter

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Experience a revolution in grooming with our Pet Fur Knot Cutter, designed to handle both shedding and non-shedding breeds with equal efficiency. Whether your furry friend is a long-haired diva or a short-haired pal, this tool is perfect for all dogs and cats. Featuring 10 razor-sharp hardened steel serrated blades, our cutter makes quick work of unmanageable mats and tough tangles, ensuring a smooth, pain-free grooming session without compromising on coat length.

Ideal for both grooming and daily massages, this comb not only helps detangle fur but also enhances your pet's coat, leaving it shinier and healthier with every stroke. Make grooming a bonding experience that both you and your pet will enjoy. Perfect for pet owners looking for a professional-grade solution to maintain their pet’s beautiful coat effortlessly.

Material: ABS + Stainless Steel   
Color: Blue, Pink     

Size: Small: approx. 17*5cm/6.7*1.97inch 
Large: approx. 17*7cm/6.7*2.76inch 

Package Includes:     1pc Pet Comb    

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