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Magnetic Levitating Light Bulb

Magnetic Levitating Light Bulb

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Magnetic Levitating Light Bulb

Product Description: 
🌟 Experience the magic of magnetic suspension technology – cool and stylish. 
🔮 Vintage lighting bulb design adds charm and elegance to any space. 
🎨 Imitation wood color design for an eye-catching aesthetic appeal. 
🏡 Compact size perfect for bedrooms, studies, and more. 
💡 Low power consumption and energy-saving. 
🌟 Ideal decoration for homes, offices, and beyond. 
💪 Crafted from premium glass and wood for durability. 
🌙 Soft light brightens up dark nights.

Material: Glass + Wood + Stainless Steel 
Bulb Size: 70*130mm 
Rated Voltage: 12V 
Rated Power: 2W

Package Includes: 
1️⃣ x Magnetic Levitating Light Bulb 
1️⃣ x Holder Base (Wood, Stainless Steel) 
1️⃣ x Power Adapter 
1️⃣ x User Manual

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