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Insoles Patch Heel Pads

Insoles Patch Heel Pads

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Introducing the 6pcs Insoles Patch Heel Pads. These insoles patches are renowned for their comfort, versatility and quality of materials used, making them perfect for your everyday needs! Constructed with high elastic foam and a cotton mesh, these heel pads provide multiple benefits to keep your feet comfortable.
The unique shape of the crown will closely fit into any shoe type, preventing abrasion, reducing shoe size and addressing any issues with larger fitting shoes. Plus, you can easily customise them according to the height or shape of your heels with easier thickness options (5mm and 10mm). So whether you have half-size heels or big/drop heel shoes – our 6pc insoles patch heel pads have got it all covered!
Available in both apricot and black colors – choose from a unisex design assortment – you get six pieces per pair. So why wait? Get your hands on 6pcs Insoles Patch Heel Pads today and invest in comfort like no other!

Thick ≈ 5mm: suitable for half size/heel worn shoes
Thick ≈ 10mm: suitable for big size/drop heel shoes

Material: high elastic foam + cotton mesh
Size: 11.5*8cm, thickness of thin section is 5mm, thick section is 10mm
Color: apricot, black
Style: half pad
Style: Unisex
Quantity: 6 pcs/pair 

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