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Automatic Liquid Discharge Shoe Brush

Automatic Liquid Discharge Shoe Brush

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Introducing our Shoe Brush with Automatic Liquid Discharge: the ultimate cleaning companion for every corner of your home.

Effortless Cleaning: Say goodbye to tedious cleaning routines with our innovative brush featuring a push-type automatic liquid discharge system. With just a push, you can effortlessly dispense cleaning solution for a thorough clean every time.

Gentle Yet Effective: Our brush is equipped with soft and dense bristles that provide deep cleaning without causing damage to your shoes or surfaces. Whether you're tackling dirt, grime, or stains, our brush gets the job done with ease.

Premium Quality: Crafted from high-quality ABS and TPR materials, our brush is built to last. Its hanging design ensures proper storage and ventilation, keeping it dry and odor-free between uses.

Versatile Cleaning: From shoes to floors, clothes to wash basins, our brush is suitable for a variety of surfaces. Its compact size, measuring 17cm x 4.5cm, makes it easy to maneuver and store, while the included liquid container offers excellent sealing and leak-proof performance.


  • Material: ABS, TPR
  • Features: Deep Cleaning, Push-Type Automatic Liquid Discharge, Soft Bristles
  • Dimensions: 17cm x 4.5cm (Approximately 6.69" x 1.77")
  • Bristle Length: 6cm (Approximately 2.36")

Upgrade your cleaning routine with our Shoe Brush with Automatic Liquid Discharge and experience the ultimate combination of convenience and effectiveness. Say hello to sparkling surfaces and goodbye to hassle!


  • The item's color may vary slightly from the pictures due to differences in lighting and screen settings.
  • Please allow for minor dimension differences due to manual measurements.

Package Includes: 1 x Cleaning Brush

Make household cleaning a breeze with our Shoe Brush Automatic Liquid Discharge Cleaning Brush, a versatile tool for tackling a range of cleaning tasks.

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