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Alcohol Dispenser

Alcohol Dispenser

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The Alcohol Dispenser offers a unique and convenient way to serve your favorite beverages. Compatible with most champagne bottles, including sparkling water, it's an innovative addition to any gathering. Its pocket-sized design and easy portability make it an excellent gift choice for wine enthusiasts.

Featuring new tips for dispensing wine, the Alcohol Dispenser is ideal for various special occasions, from weddings to bachelor parties to Christmas celebrations. With its adjustable plug, it securely attaches to the bottle, transforming it into a long-lasting spray gun for efficient dispensing. Whether you choose the Shark or Dolphin design, you're sure to impress your guests and make your event memorable with the Alcohol Dispenser!

Product Specifications:
- Material: ABS+Alloy
- Size:
 - Shark: 16*19*5.5cm
 - Dolphin: 17*19*5cm

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