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100G White Shoes Cleaner Shoes Whitening Cleansing Gel

100G White Shoes Cleaner Shoes Whitening Cleansing Gel

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**Introducing Our Shoe Whitening Cleansing Gel: Restore Brilliance to Your Favorite Footwear!**

Don't let stains and yellowing dull the allure of your favorite shoes. Step up your shoe game with our premium **Shoe Whitening Cleansing Gel** designed to rejuvenate your footwear and keep them looking as fresh as the day you bought them.

**Unlock the Power of Restoration**

Unlike ordinary shoe cleaners that merely cover up stains, our cleansing gel works its magic through a chemical reaction that effectively removes dirt and yellowing, restoring your shoes' true color and brilliance.

**Gentle Yet Effective**

Crafted with a gentle formula, our gel is safe for all types of shoe materials. Say goodbye to worries about damage or discoloration—our gel keeps your shoes looking pristine without compromise.

**Effortless Application**

Experience convenience like never before! Our gel comes with a user-friendly squeezing nozzle, making application a breeze. No need to worry about messy hands or complicated ratios—just apply and watch the magic unfold.

**Versatile Performance**

From classic white sneakers to sporty canvas shoes, our gel is your go-to solution for restoring brilliance to a variety of footwear. Whether it's shell-toes, sneakers, or air force shoes, our gel does it all!

**How to Use:**

1. Clean the shoe surface.
2. Apply masking tape around the white area.
3. Apply the gel evenly (3-5mm thickness).
4. Let it stand for 1-3 hours.
5. Wipe off and clean the shoe.

**Masking Tape Included**

Our gel kit includes masking tape for precise application. It sticks easily, peels off effortlessly, and allows you to write notes for future reference.

**Notes for Perfect Results:**

- Apply only to the white areas of the shoe.
- Use masking tape to protect colored areas from accidental application.
- Avoid mixing with other cleaning agents for optimal performance.


- Weight: 0.15kg
- Capacity: 100g (Enough for 6-12 Pairs of Shoes)

Elevate your shoe care routine and revitalize your footwear collection with our Shoe Whitening Cleansing Gel. Rediscover the joy of stepping out in shoes that shine bright with every stride!

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